instagram: @freedomessentials


location: Warsaw, Indiana.

Hey everyone! My name is Allison! I just graduated from Grace College with a double major in counseling and criminal justice. I have a huge passion for helping people in any way possible. I have been married for a year, and I am loving every second of it.! We have three crazy cats, and we love them to death!  I love to hike, travel, use essential oils, and capture moments through photography. You'll also never see me without coffee. Coffee may be my love language.

I got into oils originally because my husband and I wanted to start eating healthier and incorporating oils into our diet. Little did we know, oils would become so much more than that for us! Oils quickly became a way of life for us. Now we use oils for just about anything from cleaning, cooking, and personal care. We both love oils and the benefits we have seen from them. My favorite way to use oils now is for my beauty routine and personal care!

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