All about the iTOVi!

I’ll admit. When I first heard about the iTOVi Scanner I was skeptical. How is a little white box supposed to help me figure out what essential oils my body would respond to best? People everywhere on Instagram and Facebook (especially those in oily circles) were RAVING about these little things. I was curious - but still not 100% on board with the whole idea. 

Well - now I have one! And I can tell you, I’m not a skeptic anymore! We LOVE our iTOVi scanner and it’s become such a valuable part of our wellness routine and an amazing tool for our business! 

So for all you skeptics out there - this post is for you. What is an iTOVi? Do little magic wellness elves live inside it? How can it actually help you? How do you use it? 

Let’s dive in 😃 

What is it and how does it work?

The iTOVi scanner is a portable wellness device that allows you to ‘scan’ your body in order to 'generate personalised wellness evaluations'. In other words - it’s a scanner that gives you suggestions on what essential oils and supplements your body would respond well to at any given time. 

The iTOVi generates these suggestions by measuring the frequencies in your body. Now - don’t be scared by the word ‘frequency’. I promise I’m not going all new age hippie on you here! Frequencies are a real thing and every biological and non-biological thing has a unique energy signature that vibrates at certain frequencies. iTOVi has gone ahead and measured and recorded each unique frequency as it relates to biopoints and the vitamins, minerals and essential oils of each product company. A bipoint is 'a characteristic that is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes or pharmacological responses to a therapeutic intervention.’ 

So when you scan with the iTOVi - it measures your body’s reactions to these biopoints and your company’s products (we use Young Living so it measures us against their products!). The biopoints are measured and ranked to give you a scan report which shows you which biopoints are considered unresolved (unresolved biopoints are recorded frequencies that fall outside of the predetermined range - they are not indicators of bad health!). For example, if your scan shows you that you have 120 unresolved biopoints and your husband’s scan only has 60 - that doesn’t mean that your husband is healthier than you are. All it means is that you had a stronger reaction to certain frequencies than your husband did. The amount of unresolved bipoints the iTOVi generates should not be taken as a ‘health score’ - and they change from scan to scan! Anyways, once you have your results the scan report shows you which essential oils and supplements can can help bring the frequencies back within their predetermined ranges - which helps the body to function in a more optimal state. 

It’s pretty nifty - you can read more about the technology behind it here. It’s all very science-y and smarty-pants-ish - in fact  you can check out some research behind it all here.


Who can use the scanner and how do you use it?

Anyone can use it! It’s safe for people of any age (including kiddos!). In our house, my husband and I both use it and we also use it to scan our little girl - Alice - who is 16 months old. I particularly love using it on Alice because, at her age, she can’t always tell us how she is feeling. The iTOVi is SO helpful in guiding us in the right directions as to what oils could really support her at different times. I’ve also especially loved using it throughout my pregnancy with our second baby. The body goes through so many changes during pregnancy and it’s been really eye-opening to see how my oily routine has changed during this time! 

Using the scanner is easy - you simply fire up the iTOVi app - fill in your details - and then hit Scan! It scans you and then produces your scan report and product recommendations. To scan properly, all you have to do is make sure the two little metal ‘balls’ on the iTOVi are touching your skin. When I scan I just hold the scanner in my hand and make a clenched fist around it. When we scan Alice we just hold it against her skin. (A tip for all you mamas out there: a good time to scan your babies is when they are eating! They are generally still during this time and won’t be wriggly - so the scanner will be able to get in and do it’s job more effectively during this time because you’ll be able to hold it still!). 

The battery usually lasts us around two weeks and we scan every 2-4 days or so. When the iTOVi needs charging it just plugs into your computer or wall via a USB power adapter and it charges right back up again!

How much is it? 

iTOVi offers two payments plans. Basic and Choice. 

The Basic Plan is a one time payment of $9.99 and then a $39.99 monthly payment which gives you access to the app and your scan report. To access the app and your scan info your monthly access has to remain active. 
The other plan is the Choice plan. Which is a one time payment of $799.99 - which covers your scanner and all of your monthly access and unlimited use of your scanner. 
Most people choose the Basic Plan as it’s more financially flexible for most families. You can switch plans from basic to choice at any time though! You can also cancel your subscription at any time and you don’t have to pay any cancellation fees. 

So what do I think about it overall?

Overall - I think the iTOVi is a wonderful investment. We love ours and since the day we got it we have used it regularly. It’s very helpful! 

It’s also been amazing for our business. A lot of people on our team have iTOVi’s and they love to use them at make & takes and in person classes. They scan their guests and show them which oils would be well-suited to them. People have been so amazed when their scan reports match up!!! 
It’s also great for product education. A lot of the time I will be able to educate my team on the products I am using because the iTOVi has given me prompts! It’s fun to share the results of my scans with my team and then talk about the oils I’m using and why! 

Bottom line: we love it. 

In fact - we love it so much that we’ve partnered with iTOVi to give one person a FREE SCANNER! 😀 The giveaway is hosted over on our Instagram (all the details here!) and closes tomorrow!!! So make sure you head over there for all the details! 

If you have any questions at all about the iTOVi - I’d be happy to answer them! You can leave a comment on this post or shoot us an email here. 

(P.S: Yes - I do like to imagine that little wellness elves live inside the iTOVi) 😛 

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