instagram: @Britlaura_Essentials


location: Los Angeles, CA

Hello! My name is Brit Laura and I live my husband, three children and Golden Retriever in sunny Los Angeles. I have always been very interested in holistic living. We have eliminated chemicals and toxins from our home before I got pregnant with my first son. We are a homeschooling family that loves to live sustainably, growing lots of our own fruit and veggies in our backyard. We try to eat real foods whenever we can and focus on organic food that is in season. We like to add probiotics through homemade kefir and fermented foods. We are an active family that loves to go on hikes and to the beach, spending much of our time outdoors. Essential oils fit in our holistic lifestyle perfectly. It is my number one go to whenever we feel a bit run down and our immune system needs a little boost. They have also become a wonderful part of our daily wellness regimen and have helped all of us SO SO much in different ways. I could not imagine our lives without oils anymore. They are such as a wonderful, natural way to support our bodies. Using oils does not have to be complicated and I would love to walk alongside you in your journey as you slowly transition away from chemicals towards a toxin free home.

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