What resources do I get when I sign up and join the Spark & Seed Team?

When you join our team - whether you join as a wholesale OR retail member - you have access to all the same resources! When you join our team you will gain access to our exclusive password protected website, our secret online Facebook groups where we talk business and how to use oils, monthly online classes, our business mentorship program, free sharing resources for you to use, daily essential oil product education, our exclusive team books, Facebook Live hangouts, Q&A sessions and one-on-one support from day one! Our resources are ALWAYS growing and expanding - you will never be without someone to answer a question or information to turn to! 


Do I have to 'sell oils' if I join your team?

NOPE! Although we are super passionate about sharing the goodness of essential oils with others and we love seeing our team members experience the freedom that can come from the business side of Young Living - we never pressure anyone to 'sell oils'. In fact, we don't even teach our members to 'sell' oils. Sharing is our thing - NOT selling. You'll see us talking about the business side of oils a lot in our groups but you can join our team JUST for oils - either way, it's cool with us! 


I am afraid that if I join your team and order my oils that I won't use them. 

Don't worry. You will DEFINITELY use them!!! We will teach you anything and everything you need to know about diving into that kit and using your oils safely and confidently! It won't take you long before you are using oils for so many things. You never have to worry about this - falling in love with oils is beyond easy. And if you are one of the rare few that find it hard - we will teach you how to love them! 



I'm sorry to hear that you aren't finding support in your current team. Unfortunately, unless your account is inactive you cannot switch teams. After 6 months of inactivity - you can pay a $35 fee, fill out an upline approval form and switch teams (this process is very tricky). After 12 months of inactivity you can switch teams easily if you choose. 
However - switching teams is not something that we encourage. What we DO encourage is trying to help you find support within your current upline. Even though your sponsor or even your upline a little way up may not be engaging with you well there will be SOMEONE on your team who is! Someone above you is counting on your PV, someone is engaged and helping their people - and someone wants to help you! Even though it is unfortunate that you were overlooked in the first place - we would encourage you to connect with your nearest Diamond member - and that Diamond can get you plugged into some resources and tools. 


I saw on Instagram some people offering discounts on the premium starter kit - do you have any special sign up incentives like that going?

Even though the premium starter kit is already a MASSIVE bargain on it's own (check that out here) we do sometimes like to sweeten the deal of getting oils into your hands! If we are running a sign up promo we will have posted about it on our Instagram account - so check there! If you don't see anything but are still wondering, send us an email here. We might be able to work something out for you! 


I want to join your team and dive into the business right away - can i start as soon as i sign up?

You sure can! You don't need your oils to start sharing about them! In fact, we have members who often make back the money they spent on their kit before it even arrives! If you want to dive into the business right away, that is totally fine with us. We will send you all of our business building resources as soon as you sign up so you can run full steam ahead! 


I live in 'XXXX' country - can I still join your team even though I live here?

Absolutely! We have members from all over the world on the Spark & Seed Team! If Young Living has a market in your country - you can join with us! You can see the countries that Young Living ships to here


Is there somewhere I can go to see how much money you can earn at each rank in Young Living?

Yup! And I'm happy to share this because it is AWESOME - here you go! You can also check out the Young Living Compensation Plan here. 


I saw that you said you grew your business entirely online. I would really like to do that as well - can you teach me how?

You saw correctly. I did build my business entirely online (and I still do!). I should point out that building online is not the only way to build a successful YL business - there are other ways and we talk about those a lot too in our groups! However, we do offer social media and business training to all of our members who wish to build a business with Young Living. So yes - I can teach you how!